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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes

The World-Class Fishing Waters of Orleans County

by Doug Sitler

When a small Great Lakes village is given the title “Ultimate Fishing Town” by a national fishing organization, anglers know that they arrived at the right place. Point Breeze in Orleans County, is situated on both the shores of Lake Ontario and the banks of the Oak Orchard River. Both waterways offer incredible world-class opportunities to reel in the big one during all four seasons. 

Discover "the Oak"

Lake Ontario has a national reputation for the variety of trophy-size salmon and trout that live in its waters. People who enjoy salmon fishing will find Chinook, Coho and Atlantic salmon on the end of their line. Trout enthusiasts love trying to catch a Lake Trout, Brown Trout or Steelhead. The lake’s cool, deep waters allow the fish to feed on baitfish, growing large and strong.  Oak Orchard River offers opportunities to catch salmon running in the fall and trout running fall, winter and spring. All these factors combined, make Point Breeze a phenomenal fishing destination which earned them the title of "Ultimate Fishing Town" in 2013 by the World Fishing Network. 

The Oak Orchard River flows into Lake Ontario at Point Breeze and is home to approximately 400 boat slips
This group of anglers enjoyed a successful day fishing on Lake Ontario
Charter boats are docked at marinas such as Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina (pictured), Wiley's Riverside Marina - both on the Oak and Bald Eagle Marina in Kendall.

Hook up with a Charter Service

Fishing charters are where memories are made. During the spring and summer months, charter boats are the Point Breeze’s most popular draw. There are currently 30 charter companies servicing the Oak and another 10 operating our of Bald Eagle Marina, 10 miles east of the Oak. The captain and crew of these boats have extensive knowledge and cutting-edge equipment that will increase the chances of catching your next trophy. The charters provide everything you need to be successful. They take care of the rods, reels, tackle, and can process the fish that were caught. Charters are a day (or half-day) of fun, whether someone is a skilled angler, or just a beginner. 

Visitors are encouraged to review all the charter opportunities. Each boat offers something unique to the experience. Captain John Oravec of Tight Line Charters has over 42 years of experience as a fishing guide in Point Breeze. Searcher Charters features a 40’ foot long boat that has a reputation of being one of the most comfortable charters on the lake. Captain Bob Songin, of Reel Excitement Charters is often sought out because of his numerous fishing derby and tournament accomplishments. Intimidator Charters pride themselves on being fully equipped to handle all of Lake Ontario’s ever-changing conditions. A little bit of research helps make a day on the water a unique and wonderful time. 

Fishing doesn’t shut down when it gets cold. Quite the opposite. Fall through spring, Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge and Ontario Fly Outfitters will take guests fly fishing on the tributaries. The guides have extensive knowledge of the Oak Orchard River and additional salmon and trout waters. 

A funny thing about fishermen, is that they are often reluctant to tell others where the fish are biting. They would prefer to keep things a secret. It’s quite the opposite, there’s a local Facebook page to share a weekly fishing report including where anglers are catching fish and the tackle that is being used. The fishing report is updated weekly on the "Fishing Hotline" at 585-589-3220.


The Point Breeze area has several lodging possibilities, including waterfront vacation rentals and campgrounds. Sunshine on the Lake’s cottages offer lake access and are steps away from the restaurants and Oak Orchard River public boat launch which is being upgraded to accommodate more boats this coming season. Also at the Oak is Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina & Lodging which operates six large cabins and is located right on the Oak Orchard River. About 25 minutes away in Medina, a vibrant town awaits with high level boutique lodging and restaurants. Excellent camping is available at nearby Lakeside State Park on the shores of Lake Ontario. There are nearly a dozen additional campgrounds in the vicinity. View the variety of lodging options in Orleans County.

If anglers are looking for a reason to visit Point Breeze, the region has 12 tournaments and derbies on the calendar. The events are for every skill and experience level. Serious fishermen might want to compete in a tournament to land the biggest fish and win serious prize money. On the flip side, families and beginners might enjoy a relaxing derby where it’s more about the experience of fishing and less so on competition. Visit one of our tackle shops such as Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge or Narby's for expert advice

Stay lakeside at one of our many cottages along Lake Ontario or the Oak Orchard River

And let's not forget about the restaurants! Early risers can enjoy a dockside breakfast at Boone & Crocketts Riverside Cafe while watching the charters prep for a day on the water. In the afternoon and evenings, you'll find the historic Black North Inn, located at the mouth of the river, is the hub to congregate over a cold one and listen to stories about the "one that got away". They serve up a variety of hearty dishes including seafood, steaks, burgers, pizza, wings, soups and salads. It's also a perfect location to view the charter boats, sailboats and runabouts cruise out to the lake and THE place to catch a spectacular summer sunset over the water. 

It’s all right there. Point Breeze has all the bases covered for year-round, world-class fishing. The trophy fish, the seasoned boat captains, the lodging, the events and more are waiting to help visitors tell their own fish stories.

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