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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes

All Hallows’ Tea | Genesee Country Village & Museum


Oct 27, 2023 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Genesee Country Village & Museum

1410 Flint Hill Road
Mumford, NY 14511
P: 585-538-6822

Genesee Country Village & Museum
1410 Flint Hill Road
Mumford, NY 14511

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Pick your poison on Friday, October 27, Saturday, October 28, or Sunday, October 29, from 1 – 3:30 p.m. at our series of Fall Teas set in hauntingly historic Davis Hall! 

Get dressed to death for spooky season and savor the warm and cozy flavors of fall. At this eerie event, you will be dining on sweet treats from the Museum’s own confectionery, delicious soup, savory sandwiches, and a fun, seasonal tea selection. Sit back and enjoy a caramel apple sangria (available for purchase) while you revel in one of three spine-chilling programs hosted by the curator of the John L. Wehle Gallery, Brandon W. Brooks. Each tea features an exclusive and unique 45-minute talk with Q&A at the end.

Friday, October 27

Tea talk topic: Death Becomes Her: Periods of Mourning

This excitingly gloomy talk explores the world of 19th-century mourning fashions for men, women, and children.  See extant original examples of 19th-century mourning fashions from the excellent Bruce & Susan Greene Collection, up close and personal! What would you wear to a 19th-century funeral? From black crepe dresses, to widows’ weeds, and even poisonous mourning veils – this talk has it all!

Hosted by curator Brandon W. Brooks

Saturday, October 28

Tea talk topic: Rural Cemeteries: What a Time to be Dead

Why do our cemeteries look like parks, with paved paths and manicured trees? What do the symbols on tombstones actually mean? Why are modern cemeteries so uniform? This talk examines the exciting world of the 19th-century Rural Cemetery Movement, in all its panoramic grandeur. This talk features a few extant 19th-century funerary items – grave markers, coffins, coffin plates, and even a real tombstone!

Hosted by curator Brandon W. Brooks 

Sunday, October 29

Tea talk topic: Memento Mori: Remember, One Day You Will Die!

Modern technology allows us to cherish our departed loved ones with colorful photos and videos – but how did 19th-century Americans remember their dearly departed? This talk examines some of the more touching aspects of death and memory, as well as how we confront the anxiety of that final adventure through artwork, jewelry, accessories, technology, and literature.  This talk features extant original hairwork jewelry and hairwork shadow boxes, mourning memory pieces, post-mortem photography in projection, and 19th-century diaries.

Hosted by curator Brandon W. Brooks 

A fun new fall tradition

Select your favorite program to attend, or visit us for more than one tea day. We are just dying to have you here!

Come bedecked in a spooky hat for a chance to win an exclusive GCV&M prize and be prepared for a wickedly wonderful afternoon at the Museum.


Ticket Information

Museum Member: $55; General Public: $50 

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