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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge Hiking Challenge


Event has ended

585-948-5445, ext. 7036

Through the month of February, we challenge you to hike the refuge trails and find the landmark on each trail. We suggest doing one trail a week, and adding that bonus trail anytime you want. Take photos and post them on our FB page!
How to Participate:
1. Complete the 4 trails (and bonus 5th trail) by the end of February
2. Take a selfie at each trailhead and landmark listed below
3. Upload selfie to the Facebook Pages @Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and/or @Iroquois Observations! FB page
4. Use Hashtags #RecreateResponsibly #LiveYourWild #IroquoisNWR #IroquoisObservations
Trails and Landmarks
Swallow Hollow: Old “Mother Oak”
Onondaga Trail: Trails end bench
Headquarters (HQ) Trail: Evergreen Grove
Kanyoo Trail: Boardwalk with Mohawk Pool in the Background
Bonus: Feeder Road Trail: Ducks Unlimited Rock
For more information on the trails, visit



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