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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes

Spring Bottom Farm presents an Ecliptic Picnic on the Farm


Apr 08, 2024 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

????????We are SO excited to announce….
…free parking and view, farm-fresh picnic lunches/snack bags, and glasses!…PLEASE PRE-ORDER YOUR FREE PASSES, glasses, and picnic lunches/snacks so that we can best plan!
????Please share this unique, affordable, and historic family event! We can’t wait to share our space – it’s sure to be out of this world!
The SOLAR ECLIPSE will be happening on Monday, April 8th and we can’t wait to share our BEAUTIFUL VIEW and details:
☀️Did you know that we will be in the PATH OF TOTALITY?? This means that where we are located, we will be able to view the TOTAL ECLIPSE, with the moon creating a complete shadow over the sun!!
???? Did you know that our farmland is host to sections of the Finger Lakes Trail?? Please join us for a family-friendly event! BRING YOUR LAWN CHAIRS, PARK FOR FREE, and SIT ALONG THE TRAIL to witness this phenomenon! Your FREE passes to enjoy the view can be picked up in our farm shoppe beginning at 1pm.
????The time of the eclipse at our location: 3:19 pm.
????️ Want to make it a TRUE ECLIPTIC FARM-FRESH PICNIC? Choose from one of the following options (or purchase any local goods when you stop in for your tickets):
????Picnic Lunch: Choice of SBF juicy 1/4 lb beef patty (with or without local Craigs Creamery cheese) or SBF Italian sausage, New York Chips potato chips, local College Club Beverages & FIZ Pop soda or water, and a pair of USA-Made, ISO Certified viewing glasses! $12
????COUPLE/FAMILY SNACK BAGS: SBF snack sticks, cheese sticks, water or soda, and USA-Made, ISO Certified viewing glasses! For 2: $18, For 4: $28 * Able to customize if requested.
????️USA-Made, ISO Certified viewing glasses available with pre-order – limited quantity of extra available. $2.50
????The SHOPPE WILL BE OPEN and MIKE’s POPCORN will be available from 1pm-4pm!

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