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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes

Letchworth State Park and Animals Galore: 1-Day Trip

Immerse yourself in a remarkable one-day adventure that unveils the natural wonders, culinary delights, and captivating wildlife encounters. Begin your journey at Letchworth State Park, known as the "Grand Canyon of the East," where breathtaking vistas of the gorge will leave you in awe. Recharge your energy with a delectable lunch at the iconic Glen Iris Inn, offering panoramic views overlooking the stunning Letchworth Gorge. As the day continues, prepare for an exhilarating safari experience at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, where you'll get up close and personal with magnificent creatures from all corners of the world. To cap off your memorable day, indulge your senses with a delightful scoop of Yummies artisanal Ice Cream. 

10:30 to noon

Letchworth State Park

A knowledgeable step-on Guide will board your motorcoach at the Portageville entrance to the park, known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” Hear the story of how William Pryor Letchworth gave his one-thousand-acre home to the state of New York and how it has become an over 14-Thousand-acre award-winning state park. Stop at scenic vistas, visit the Humphrey Nature Center, and hear all about the Autism Nature Trail.  Known affectionately as the ‘ANT,’ this new trail is the only one of its kind in the country and is a remarkable addition to this stellar park.


12:00 to 1:30 

Glen Iris Inn                        

Enjoy a delightful lunch at the Glen Iris Inn, located within Letchworth State Park. The Inn was once Mr. Letchworth’s home and now serves as a fine-dining restaurant and Inn. Located directly in front of the Middle Falls, the largest of the three main waterfalls that grace the park you're sure to have a magnificent view. Spend some free time roaming this area and enjoying the sheer beauty of this gem.


2:30 to 4:15

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the animal kingdom at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure. Step aboard the Safari Bus and witness a mesmerizing array of exotic creatures, including majestic elk, bison, ostriches, zebras, and even camels! Immerse yourself in their world as you marvel at their beauty and grace. And don't forget to visit the petting zoo, where you can interact with adorable and friendly animals up close.


4:30 to 5:00

Yummies Ice Cream

Enjoy the perfect finale to an adventurous day at Yummies Ice Cream, a quintessential hometown ice cream parlor. Savor the sweet delights of artisan-crafted ice cream. 

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