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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
23 E. Main Street
LeRoy, NY 14482

Open by advance reservation for group tours, or by chance.

Tour this mansion-turned-museum for over 100 years of unique history! The LeRoy Mansion was built in 1822 by Jacob LeRoy and later owned by the Chancellor of Ingham University which was the first female university in the United States to grant a four-year degree.  

Historic LeRoy House showcases a century of history, including Ingham University, the first American university for women and the story of the  86,000 acre Triangle Tract, a land deal that was controlled by the LeRoy family. Many people enjoy reminiscing in the 1930s kitchen with all its “modern” conveniences and gadgets. Then step downstairs to look at Charlotte LeRoy’s original 1820s open hearth kitchen and learn what was cooking!

The LeRoy Historical Society maintains the Jell-O Gallery and Museum shop, the historic 19th century LeRoy House, and the permanent exhibit “On the Road: A Century of Ruts, Dust and Macadam” which is a fascinating exhibit of sleighs, carts, wagons, carriages and a 1908 Cadillac.  Located a block from downtown LeRoy, the Historical Society has plenty of parking and free Little League games during the season. Pick up a map to the Underground Railroad driving tour, or the Bicentennial Barn Quilt Trail at the Museum Shop.  The Historical Society also provides maps to LeRoy’s dining establishments and historic markers. 

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