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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
6517 Denton Corners Rd.
Castile, NY

Located just minutes from the Castile entrance to Letchworth State Park, Buried Barrel Hard Cider is made from apples from Pankow Apple Orchards. Stop in during the weekends for a tasting and pick up cans and/or kegs of hard apple cider. 
Here's the story of Buried Barrel Hard Cider - A few short generations ago, most of the American population lived on the farm. Farms from those times were diverse and self-sufficient. People worked hard every day and every season from sunup to sundown. Food was raised on the farm from the livestock, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
With all of that hard work, there was also special times for celebrations with family, friends and neighbors. Special meals required drawing on reserved stored foods and drinks. Most farms had abundant apple trees. Apples from harvest were preserved and made into apple sauce and canned for later use. Some apples also made their way into cider and this is the inspiration for the Buried Barrel Brand.
Hard work required a hard drink for special celebrations. Hard Cider was the homemade drink. In late fall, apples were crushed and placed into a barrel with yeast and added sugar and flavorings. These barrels were sealed and buried in the ground to ferment and age. The science was not exact. Farmers learned by doing and experience. They didn’t go to the internet for clues or the state authorities for permits. They put themselves and faith into the process and got out what they put in.
Buried Barrel Hard Cider comes exclusively from apples on the Pankow Farm in Castile, NY. They have buried and unburied many barrels of hard cider for family celebrations. Today’s cider is a toast to their heritage and a way to keep this special land and orchard in production for future generations.

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