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New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
New York's Falls to the Finger Lakes
East Ave.
Holley, NY 14470


The Holley Canal Park, operated by the Village of Holley, is a favorite stop for visitors traveling along the Erie Canal. Boaters and cyclists are greeted by a boardwalk, playground, gazebo and nature trails to Holley Falls and Public Square. Docking facilities include water, electric service and comfort station with showers, public restroom. Plan your visit around the Friday night summer concert series at the Gazebo from June - August or the annual Holley June Fest the first Saturday of June.

Visitors can enjoy well-preserved reminders of its bustling past including the village square, historic sandstone buildings, and 1914 fountain. The restored railroad depot (circa 1907) is now a museum filled with local lore and canal information, while Holley Falls Park is a scenic, forever-wild area ideal for picnics, nature walks, hiking and fishing. Holley Falls can also be accessed from Public Square at Frisbee Terrace and Holley Falls Park Rd.

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